Digging Deep

Study to show yourself approved of God..

You will agree with me that to be a graduate or excel in anything, or be financially independent, you need to study, enquire and commit yourself to what it takes to get you to your ultimate goal.

On the other hand, as a child of God, chosen elect of the Most High God, our ultimate is to be conformed to the image of God, which is the door to entering the kingdom of our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

For us to achieve this goal, we need to do much more than just attend the church every Sunday. We need to study, we need to be enlightened, you need to seek, knock on that door, you need to search for the truth and with all these apply the truth that is in the word of God into your every day life and activities. It requires a lot of disciple, a lot of commitment and sometimes, inspite of all our good intention, we find ourselves struggling and compromising.

Let no-one seek his own but each one the others well being…

You do not need to struggle alone, help is at hand, Paul encourages us in Romans 15: 1, “We, then who are strong ought to bear with the scruple of the weak” . At The Fragrant Oil Ministry, we receive you as Christ also received us and assist you to take that giant step, you join other fellow brethren who hunger and thirst for the knowledge of Him alone who is able to keep us all from falling.

Entrance into The Kingdom Short Training/Seminars are held from time to time and we rely on the Holy Spirit as our main teacher, we follow His guidance, so each session is always different from another; this we believe is in line with the word of the lord,,”He daily loads us with His blessings” because “His blessings are new everyday”. The sessions are short but intense and very interactive, at the end, you are able to lift your head high up as a confident Child of God in all spiritual understandings.

Do you want to dig deeper, Do you want to discover your hidden talent, do you want to be fully fulfilled as a child of God, do you want to know and understand the word more, Do you want to hear the Lord; or simply be healed of any kind of emotional distress, I encourage you to contact us today, join us as we partake of this spiritual manna. He who did not spare His Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things Romans 8: 32; The gift of God is freely given, you don’t need a dime, only a committed spirit, as the Lord enables us, we diffuse His fragrance freely as a light into the word, so don’t delay, fill the form below and commit yourself to the upward call of God.

The Lord desire that you finish strong so press on towards the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

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