Biblical Advice for Women’s Issues

Honest biblical advice for the toughest issues women face in crisis situations, personal and spiritual development, relationships, current events, and more. See the categories below for more information on each topic.

Biblical Guidelines for Helping

The experienced Christian counselor, H. NORMAN WRIGHT, author of Helping Those Who Hurt, says that many elements are involved in helping a friend:

  • look to the Word of God (Proverbs 3:5-6): if we try to help a friend within our own strength, we will make mistakes.
  • experience “genuine interest and love” for the individual we are helping. Wright suggests that if we don’t have this, we can’t fake it. Pray about your attitude, or point your friend to someone who could possibly be of more help to them.
  • know when to speak, and when not to: A knowledgeable person chooses words well.
  • ask for more information: this will allow your friend time to talk.
  • keep a confidence: if you are asked not to share information, then keep it to yourself.
  • show understanding: if you make inappropriate comments, your friend can feel the painful effects of your reactions.
  • give tentative (rather than concrete) suggestions to allow your friend to think of many solutions.
  • use confrontation: Confront with grace and understanding, and to allow your friend “to make better decisions for herself, become more accepting of where she is in life, and to be less destructive and more productive,” Wright says.
Be ready to help and edify your friend, (Galatians 6:2, Romans 14:19), and give encouragement (Proverbs 12:25).

Finally,  “be able to get inside the other person, to look at the world through her perspective or frame of reference, and get a feeling for what her world is like.”

Check the categories on Women Issues for more guidance

Remain Blessed Virtuous One,

Rebecca Ajibola.

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